Having agreed with our policies, please click on the link below to make your appointment.

Appointments usually take up to 2 hours. We take time and care in order to provide you with our best service. Be aware that treatments and drying time cannot be predicted on your first visit. Please leave yourself with enough time.

Before proceeding, read the instructions!

Because we can't be responsible for the schedule if you don't come with your hair prepared.

First Appointment

We cut curls individually (Curl By Curl cut) on dry hair. It is essential to have your hair in it’s natural state. In order to enhance your experience and to allow us to provide you with our best service and results we would like to ask you to prepare your hair before your appointment.

This is what is required of you:

  1. Skip shampooing for at least 3 days before coming. On the day of your appointment wash your hair using conditioner only and use your fingers to make sure your hair has NO TANGLES.
  2. Please give your hair enough time to dry before your appointment.  So we don’t waste the time reserved for your consultation, cutting and treatment.
  3. Don’t brush, pick or comb your hair on the day of your appointment.
  4. No hair grips or ponytails
  5. Keep an open mind! – We will be showing you how versatile your hair is and we will share with you our passion for natural hair textures. Acceptance is everything!

Bear in mind that it is all about cooperation! By implementing at home the techniques and tips you will learn in your consultation you will have fantastic and long-term results!