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Saulo O’Deoraín


Who is Saulo?

Sáulo O’Deoraín is an Irish based Curly Hair Botanist from Brazil. He has over ten years of experience in the curly world, and a degree in Communication, which completely sealed these two calls into one: a Hair Mission! Sáulo is the Founder of the first Curl & Natural Hair Salon in Ireland, TheCurlyLook (2013). Saulo is an advocate for multiculturalism in the beauty industry, allowing natural and curly individuals to embrace their natural hair potential. His empathy and open attitude towards diversity, create a very welcoming and safe space for all genders, enabling appreciation of their natural hair, in its many different ratios and individuality and therefore generating self-confidence
and self-esteem.

About Fractal

A Salon Shell and CurlSpa located in the heart of Smithfield, bohemian side of Dublin City. We are inspired by the underlying geometry found in the nature.

Curls are presented in many different curvature & ratios and we vow to nurture and understand its needs while providing a individualised experience to our guests.