Sáulo O’Deoraín is an Irish based Curly Hair Botanist from Brazil. He has over ten years of experience in the curly world, and a degree in Communication, which completely sealed these two calls into one: a Hair Mission! Sáulo is the Founder of the first Curl & Natural Hair Salon in Ireland, TheCurlyLook. Saulo is an advocate for multiculturalism in the beauty industry, allowing natural and curly individuals to embrace their natural hair potential. His empathy and open attitude towards diversity, create a very welcoming and safe space for all genders, enabling appreciation of their natural hair, in its many different ratios and individuality and therefore generating self-confidence and self-esteem.

The Curly Look was founded in 2013 with an innovative proposal in mind:  to provide a different and special form of treatment that is not found in most beauty salons. 
We do not provide treatments such as Brazilian blow dry, relaxers or perms, flat or curl iron. The focus of our work is the health and treatment of wavy, curly and afro hair and to achieve that we encourage and value the beauty of natural hair.

Yes! Your hair can be naturally beautiful without the use of transforming chemicals!
To achieve that, above all, it is necessary that your hair is healthy and healthy hair requires a care routine and specific products.

Our treatments are performed with products which are free of sulphate, silicone and are not petroleum based.
These products are made with botanic ingredients which rejuvenate, restore ad respect the natural state of the individual hair shafts.

Our mission, above all, is to teach our clients to take better care of their afro curls, curly curls or wavy hair. Often, the decision to start chemically treating our hair comes from a lack of knowledge on how to really look after our own hair.