No Lather, No Clarifying. #CGMethod

Lather isn’t part of The Curly Girl Method

If you’ve read Curly Girl: The Handbook, Silver Hair: A Handbook and Curly Kids: The Handbook, you can attest to this.
Lather strips the scalp from its acid mantle, raising the PH of the skin.
It also raises the PH of the hair and causes frizz, in a cumulative way.
Lather is drying to any fabric and this also applies to the organic fabric that is your HAIR.
Lathering agents in The Curly Girl Method are a deeply rooted misunderstanding that has been spread and well published online.
Sometimes Co-washing doesn’t work for a variety of reasons (the conditioner is not appropriate, there are scalp conditions involved, etc).
If this is the case, a Zero Lather Cleanser can come into the scene.
Zero Lather Cleansers contain a cleanser in the ingredient list.
When used in the appropriate manner, they cleanse very well.

Sáulo and Lorraine Massey at Spiral Curl SPA NYC

☆ DRENCH your scalp and hair with water, for a good 2 minutes.
Allow the water to run through your scalp and hair with a thorough massage in circular motions.
It’s almost as if you are cleansing with Water before reaching for a product.
Just as you get your body fully saturated with water before washing, your scalp and hair must be truly soaking wet before applying the cleanser.
☆ Apply the cleanser (not a shampoo) to your fingers. Bring it to the scalp, in firm gentle circular motions. Massage thoroughly. Add more as needed and keep massaging for at least 1 minute.
☆ Trickle some water from the shower onto your scalp, and then massage some more, for at least 1 minute.
Keep massaging and emulsifying the product onto your scalp with the help of the trickled water.
You may add more cleanser and water to detangle the hair, if you want… although you can also do this during the conditioning step, if you like.
☆ Once all areas of your scalp have been covered, rinse fully, with a second drench of water, for about a minute.
Run your head under the shower while thoroughly massaging your scalp in gentle firm circular motions, until all the cleanser is completely rinsed off.

For more on this topic please watch the live with Sáulo O’Deoraín and Lorraine Massey expanding on this topic:

By Sáulo O’Deoraín e Lindsay Wilson